Monkish Brewery

Under City Lights by Monkish Brewery
Under the City Lights by Monkish Brewery

Hands down, one of the most highly sought after beers in the U.S. happens to be in our backyard of Torrance (Los Angeles), CA.  Monkish Brewery crafts a variety of different beer styles from Belgian ales, Sour ales and FRESH IPA’s.

After visiting their brewery for the first time, I was sure that it wouldn’t be the last.  I’ve made it a point to be there anytime new beer is tapped but if there was one thing I’d change, it would be getting access to their can releases.  Monkish has created such buzz on a week to week basis, releasing newly canned beers randomly on their Instagram page.  People would not know until 2 hours before they release these beers and has got people lining up by the dozen (sometimes HUNDREDS) before the brewery opens.  Needless to say, working a 9 to 5 restricts me from making these releases, so having a beer connect does have its benefits (s/o to my boy Alfred *fistbump*).

Definitely a “must have” for any craft beer enthusiast living in Los Angeles.

Recommended beers:

Feminist (Belgian Tripel), Spock It (IPA), Foggier Window (IPA), Seme della Vita (Belgian Tripel), Anomaly (Belgian Strong Dark Ale), Foggy Window (IPA), Shaolin Fist (Belgian Dubbel), Soul Foudre (Bière de Garde)


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