Modern Times

MT 1

My beer travels have frequently been to “whale’s vagina”, also known as San Diego.  Modern Times has truly been a gem in the world of craft beer and has well represented our west coast IPA’s. They’ve also managed to pump out some of the best barrel aged stouts, some in special batches made throughout the year bound to intrigue the curiosity out of any beer drinkers’ palate.

Clear and Present Dankness by Modern Times collaboration w/ Cellarmaker

With such a wide array of beers, it becomes an endless experience.  I would make the trip from LA with a few buddies to do what we call a “beer haul”.  Modern Times monthly releases have been a norm for myself and many in the beer community allowing us to pre-purchase a good number of their beers prior to their actual release.  Such a convenience opposed to many other breweries which you’d have to stand in line probably a good 2-3 hours before they unload it to the masses.

mt 2

Some may think it’s crazy to drive 2 hours to pick up beer but take it for what it’s worth, the city of San Diego has probably the greatest Mexican food anywhere (carne asada fries…*Homer drooling face*) and with such beautiful scenery…well who am I kidding, I moved away from there so I’m not going hard sell you.

Stay classy…*thumbs up*

Recommended beers:

Black House (Stout), Blazing World (Red Ale), Fortunate Islands (Pale Wheat Ale), Lomaland (Saison/Farmhouse Ale), Booming Rollers (IPA), Orderville (IPA), City of the Dead (Stout), City of the Sun (IPA), Fruitlands (Sour/Gose), Devils Teeth (Old Ale), Accumulated Knowledge (IPA), Dinosaur World (IPA)


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