Me and Binky (My drinking cap)

I always find a reason to enjoy a beer.  Whether it’s an IPA, Stout or Porter (just a few of my favorites), many breweries around the country have crafted these types of extraordinary beers.  My desire to try them has been challenging because most could only be bought locally in their respective cities.

The craft of trading beer has been around probably as long as I’ve been legally allowed to drink alcohol.  Through different forums and trade apps, I’ve managed to get my hands on some of the most highly sought after beers out there.  By leveraging some of SoCal’s finest beers, I’ve been very fortunate to have networked with a few great people in different regions of the U.S. to barter beers.

Whether we are talking about New England Style IPAs from Tree House (Boston, MA), Farmhouse Ales from Jester King (Austin, TX) or Barrel Aged Stouts by Founders (Grand Rapids, MI), I’ve committed to getting my hands on these outstanding beverages to share with my fellow “Brewski Broski’s”.